Boo Su-Lyn

Boo Su-Lyn is co-founder and editor-in-chief of CodeBlue, a health news site based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that reports on important health care issues and policies in Malaysia and around the world. CodeBlue is an editorially independent programme of the Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy, a public policy research and advocacy organisation based in Kuala Lumpur. CodeBlue seeks to promote health care as a human right. Under her leadership, CodeBlue has become one of the most influential and well-read health news websites in Malaysia within just three years after its formation in 2019. CodeBlue covers public health across communicable and non-communicable diseases, issues faced by health care professionals across the public and private sectors, and access to quality health care, among other public policies related to health. CodeBlue’s health journalism is independent, reporting fairly on various public health issues regardless who is the government of the day. Much of CodeBlue’s reportage led to direct interventions and better health policies and practices for both patients and health care professionals on the ground. Su-Lyn advocates for people’s right to speak out on issues that affect their personal health and to demand for better health policies. She was previously part of a media roundtable at the international AIDS 2022 conference in Montreal, Canada – speaking with co-panellists from Science, Nature, the Guardian, The New York Times – on the future of HIV media coverage. Before she founded CodeBlue, Su-Lyn was assistant news editor at The Malay Mail. She has over 12 years of experience in journalism.