Prof Dr Sabariah Faizah Jamaluddin

Dr. Sabariah graduated from the University of Alexandria in 1984 and received her Masters in Anaesthesia (UKM) in 1991 and has been in Emergency Medicine since 1996. She was awarded the Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia in 2016. Dr. Sabariah is currently the Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University Technology MARA.  She was until November 2018, the National Advisor to the Ministry of Health Malaysia for Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services and the Chairman of the National Committee on Resuscitation for the Ministry of Health.  She currently serves as President of the Malaysian Resuscitation Association. She was also the National Principal Investigator for the international multi-centre trial CRASH 3 (Clinical Randomization of Tranexamic Acid in Severe Head Injury) and currently for PATOS (Pan Asia Trauma Outcome Study). She was previously the chair for the National Trauma Database. She previously served as a consultant to WHO on Emergency Care Systems. She is also actively involved in setting clinical practice guidelines (CPG) and was recently involved in the national CPG for Myocardial Infarction.