Professor Patrick Then

Professor Patrick Then is a professor in computer science and wears two leadership hats at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus as Head of School of Information and Communications Technologies, and Director of Centre for Digital Futures. He is an advocate of transdisciplinary research and development specializing in digital health. Started in 2008, he has worked with numerous healthcare service providers and practitioners from both private and public sectors. He has recently been speaking at national conferences in clinical research and spoke at inaugural Health Policy Summit as key opinion leader in digital health technology. His research collaboration with Institute of Clinical Research, National Institutes of Health has resulted in national roll-out of cough sound artificial intelligence platform for every member of public. Public will soon enjoy zero-cost covid19 detection via their own cough sound, followed by range of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma and pneumonia. He published more than 80 scholarly publications, won more than RM5 millions research grants, and owned more than 10 intellectual properties in form of patents and copyrights